Friday, 4 April 2008

Windlight and Havok - more havoc!

Ah, here we are, Havok 4 having moe problems than thought, not just vehicles, but rotations and flying at the top of stairs and tripping over things, and unrealistic immediate stop physics. And shiny new Windlight, which 50% of people can't use, and the new viewer causing loads of crashes. Even the Linden blog says 50% rave and 50% threaten death to Lindens lol.

The new viewer a well oiled machine?

Strangely, that has stopped them just three blog posts later making 1.19 MANDATORY !!

Update to second life - 1.19 viewer now required

They should learn what is working and what doesn't, and instead of switching back and forth each update, incorporate two code streams like the rest of the industry does. Certainly never going to be Web 3 at this rate lol.