Friday, 4 April 2008

Windlight and Havok - more havoc!

Ah, here we are, Havok 4 having moe problems than thought, not just vehicles, but rotations and flying at the top of stairs and tripping over things, and unrealistic immediate stop physics. And shiny new Windlight, which 50% of people can't use, and the new viewer causing loads of crashes. Even the Linden blog says 50% rave and 50% threaten death to Lindens lol.

The new viewer a well oiled machine?

Strangely, that has stopped them just three blog posts later making 1.19 MANDATORY !!

Update to second life - 1.19 viewer now required

They should learn what is working and what doesn't, and instead of switching back and forth each update, incorporate two code streams like the rest of the industry does. Certainly never going to be Web 3 at this rate lol.

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claude said...

93 cosa nostra Says:

April 10th, 2008 at 7:58 PM
Sidewinder, my sim is running perfect since I bought it last year in august, with or without HAVOC4. Guess that the biggest problem for simcrashes are caused due to complex scripts, megaprims, etc … on those sims !

despite all the good work from your dept. which we should encourage ofcourse, it is a fact that SL is experiencing more and more problems, I follow this up on a daily base, I meet and speak to loads of people around the grid, trendwise I dont need to make any graph to the crowd here, it is a fact, the sl fun experience is going backwards !

SECOND LIFE is promoted as the world that ‘we users’ can create ! right ? So that means you launch a product that is working at all time and the users create there worlds at all times !

facts :
It is impossible in rl in any business to launch a product that is still in testphasis and being tuned or upgraded every 2-3 hours (and I know what I talk about) ….
*car manufacturers will not launch a new car when the engine is still under test developement ! Would they recall the cars worldwide back into the service dept every week ? I guess not !
*a barebone system running in a company where 10.000 users are connected to it worldwide (24/7). Can they permit to see there barebone being upgraded every 2-3 hours causing the whole company being down for hours or constant interruptions ? NO …. forget it !

sidewinder, as I already mentioned in other blogs, there is no direction anymore … people just need a SIMPLE STABLE VIEWER that let them CREATE there things in SECOND LIFE or INTERACT with other people and a viewer who is accessible for most people allround the world, cause with 50.000-60.000 avatars connected average in which 60 % are camping for free money and the other 35 % loosing business (people who invested and who were working very hard in-world to compensate parts of their tiers !) …. I am not much impressed … most sims are empty, abandonned or are looking like a dump !

LINDEN is now focussing on improving the VISUAL QUALITY, I will tell ya straight away that ya will never have the money and the payback to reach a profitable goal for this, cause guess LINDEN LABS is not a charity organisation ? People need to be paid, operational costs, etc …. Do you really think that second life users are going to upgrade there pc’s moving forward to next example like my personal pc (INTEL 6600/4GB MEM/1TB HDD/8800 GTS 512MB VGA …. ) ? If ya want VISUAL QUALITY then people need to stop using SL and move to the REAL GAMING WORLD where the gaming industry sells like MILLION cd’s in different platforms XBOX, PS2/3, PC @ 60 US$ per game ! Compairing this with the approach from linden makes me think about the consequences of your actual strategy !

anyhow, I see/feel more and more that the fun is more than over, seeing that I am part of A WORLD where I pay 295 US$ per month and paid 1695 US$ for a sim, knowing that the product is still not finished and being tuned every hour of the day ! like ; Will my car start today or not , same comparaison?

again thx for your hard work sidewinder and your team, but youre only a small fraction of the whole issue, a team is a whole company with a clear vison and strategy, it also doesnt help then to give the customers the impression or false hope in BLOGS like here that it is going in the right direction, please dont do that !

I hope that the new CEO will have a strategy and a strategy he can execute without being influented or interfered by the board every second.

94 Sidewinder Linden Says:

April 10th, 2008 at 8:02 PM
@93 Cosa:

I am not trying to “give the customers the impression or false hope in BLOGS like here that it is going in the right direction”.

I am reporting on the results of the Havok4 team, in objective factual terms to demonstrate that this project has delivered tangible results that improve stability of the Second Life platform - our stated goal when we announced the beta process for this project. If demonstrating that we delivered on the stated goal of this project is problematic, then I surely don’t know what I should have said instead once the statistics were in hand!



116 cosa nostra Says:

April 10th, 2008 at 8:35 PM
@93 sidewinder, most people in here are not IT specialists, academics, etc…. people need a simple stable environment, is it now offered free or not, thats what it is all about !

I wouldnt in my rl business environment never open a blog like this, because i would shoot in my own foot ! customers are not interested in what you do as a company to improve this or that, trust me ……I launched an upgrade of a new part on my customer base, U know how they reacted, sales dropped, cause they were scared this upgrade would cause problems moving forward for there end products ! customers want a product that works, how less complex or high complex that product is ! and if ya want to introduce something -> be very prudent and very convincing within ya customer base, explain it again and again with proven facts, yes proven facts !

at linden labs you keep tuning and upgrading 24/7, but you are tuning and upgrading while the engine is running, and people are doing transactions or are building ???

Please be reasonable …. maybe LINDEN should announce that a new ‘whatever’ will be made to improve customer experience and due to that the grid will be closed for 2 MONTHS or something, that approach I would even accept !