Saturday, 20 November 2010

Stripey Avatar

Well, I've still got the stripey avatar problem. Since I'm on a below spec machine, chances are zero I'll get any help with this. They'll just say buy a new computer, video card or update the drivers lol. However if that were just the case, I can't see why my av and clothing draws okay when I log in, change clothes, go into Appearance or Rebake, and then after a variable period from a few seconds to an hour or so, I get a new rebake sent down with the stripes. The extra texture seems on close inspection to be the login screen, though I can't be 100% certain of that.

I wonder if it's a Linux bug. I get it using both Phoenix and Viewer 2 with my main account and an alt. But it does vary. Other people see me stripey too. But I have been told my av was okay when it was stripey to me, that it was stripey to them when it's okay to me, and stripey to both me and others.

What perturbs me, and doesn't seem to for many others is why if you switch viewers you suddenly have on clothing you last wore 2 days ago, and HUDs too. That sounds more like an asset server problem, and info not updating properly. If that was local to the viewer, then when you switched back you should return to what was on that viewer, but it doesn't, it goes to the other viewer settings. Truly bizarre. But if there's an asset problem there, then god knows what else is wrong the the assest server sub system.

So upshot is I see other avs okay, and prims whether worn or not, but my mesh clothes, skin eyes etc are stripey.

I've uninstalled the viewers, reloaded, manually trashed the hidden .secondlife folder, cleared cash etc etc all to no avail.

If it doesn't go away, I guess I'll have to put up with it, which will make life a bit of a bugger when it comes to designing clothes. I thought after 2 and a bit years away, Linde Lab might have sorted some of the other problems out, but of course they haven't. Sigh.

Probably time to consult the JIRA.

In the meantime my new nickname appears to be Zebra. :)

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